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                About Dowse
                    Shenzhen Dowse Electronics Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in manufacturing CCTV Cameras, with a enormously potential developing team, starts at the research of CCD application. And now we also do research in CCD
                cameras image processing method,color restoration,wide-dynamic technology, etc.
                    Through the effort of our excellent marketing team, we have agents in every province in China, and also have built a very good business relationship with lots of oversea customers from Europe, America and other Asia countries.

                    Dowse is basing on the ideas of "development, innovation, and goal-chasing" to expand our domestic business to worldwide; meanwhile, we pursuit our company's mission of "culture management, technology innovation, quality
                oriented, customers foremost"to maximise customers' satisfation, to be world famous enterprise in security and surveillance industry,to contribute to China's safty by our sincere effort.



                ICP No. 11082077 -3
                Copyright@2017 Dowse

                Tel: 0755-29500181 (20 lines)
                Fax: 0755-29500213
                E-mail: dowse@szdowse.com
                Address: Longhua District of Shenzhen city and five Avenue North Fairview No. 9 Science Park Building 3 floor